I was extremely privileged this morning to see a preview of the forthcoming Channel 4 adaptation of Roy William's play Fallout, with a small group of students from my school. The play follows the aftermath of a stabbing of a teenage schoolboy, with a strong performance from Lennie James, as a police officer called back to 'his ends' to investigate the murder. As the 'gang' begins to unravel, the issue of how to resolve the crime becomes more complex, as James deals with suspects, witnesses and fellow officers in a downward spiral of frustration and violence. You can watch a clip here.

As the film ended the students burst into a spontaneous round of applause and their responses to a discussion with Roy, and a journalist from the Sunday Telegraph, were fascinating. The vast majority commented on how 'real' the story was, that the language and content reflected back to them an experience not too far from their own. Worryingly, nearly all of them knew peers who were carrying knives 'for their own protection', despite an awareness of the potential for increased risk of harm. Their suggested solutions to the vexed issue of 'street crime' ranged from the authoritarian - 'there should be curfews' to the benevolent - 'young people hate being shouted at, so talk to them as equals'. Ultimately it was agreed that there aren't any simple solutions, but the provision of facilities for young people was imperative.

Fallout is on Channel 4 on Thursday July 3rd at 22.00

Posted 27 June 2008 at 6:56 PM


Hi went to view the clip and it is not there.

Posted by: Charlotte | 10:47am 31 July 2008

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